Aaron Poffenberger

I'm Aaron Poffenberger, CISSP. I'm a professional software developer with 20+ years experience developing commercial software, mostly in the security space. I've developed security and auditing software for PentaSafe Security Technologies, NetIQ and most recently Giant Gray, Inc.

I've also worked on healthcare-related projects, web services and streaming media, most recently for The Anime Network where I developed the entire site (front- and back-ends), designed and implemented public-facing APIs for mobile-app access, payment processing and delegated authentication.

At Giant Gray I led development of the AISight API and SDK, server and web UI components.

More About Me

You can find me on Twitter and Github.

You can find a summary of my work on LinkedIn.


Though I've been a professional developer for the past 20+ years I started graduate school with the intention of teaching in the History of Science. I did my graduate work at the University of Oklahoma where I focused on late Medieval and early modern science and philosophy. To the best of my knowledge, my thesis on the dialectical writings of Domingo de Soto is still the most comprehensive review of the interplay of logic and dialectic in the writings of this interesting but still little known figure.

About this Site

This site is my personal blog where I post articles and reviews, mostly about OpenBSD, computing and occasionally economics, history, philosophy, Christianity and theology.

I designed and developed the site and wrote the css. The chief goals of the site are simplicity and ease of reading leading to focus.

For more details, read my article A New Look.