Hear Me Out -- BSDCan Tutorial

Aaron Poffenberger

I'm teaching a new workshop at [BSDCan] this year. It's called Hear Me Out: Technical Talk Tutorial. It's a half-day workshop where I'll teach new and aspiring speakers how to select, prepare, and present a technical talk at a conference like BSDCan.

I'll also be hosting again the "Amateur Radio and SDR" BoF.


This session is for first-time speakers, or those who want to enhance their existing public speaking skills by focusing on presenting technical talks.


Public speaking terrifies many. Speaking on a technical subject adds a dimension of fear that the speaker will be found out to be an "impostor". However, we needn't feel this way. Like all areas of human excellence, public speaking is a combination of learning the skills, and practice.

In this half-day tutorial we'll learn how to select, propose, prepare, and present technical talks in small group and conference settings.

In Talk Development we'll look at:

In Presenting the Talk we'll look at:


The tutorial will be somewhat hands on. Students will have the opportunity participate in short skill and confidence building-exercises, but no one will be required to speak. The goal is to help each person where they are.

While the expectation is everyone will learn the basics of public speaking and presenting technical talks, mastery will come from the student's practice. Skills like Keynote Speaking are beyond the scope of this tutorial.

The presenter will be putting out a call for mentors and will attempt to match interested speakers with experienced speakers.