Aaron Poffenberger

My OpenSMTPD tutorial was accepted for BSDCan. I also have two BoF sessions.

Conference dates are June 10 - 11, 2016.

N.B. Tutorials are the two days before, June 8 - 9.

The Tutorial

I don't know yet which day the tutorial is on, but it will be June 8th or 9th.

Once the schedule is up I'll update this article.

OpenSMTPD for the Real World


This session is aimed at administrators who can't or won't use 3rd-party mail hosting (and who would?) but still need a reliable, spam- and virus-resistant mail server. A basic knowledge of BSD, smtp and dns is expected and required.

Full description

The session is a hands-on tutorial covering configuration and use of OpenSMTPD as the core of a spam- and virus-resistant mail server.

After this tutorial you will know how:

  • Configure smtpd as a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) for single and multi-domain use;
  • Install a certificate and configure smtpd to provide or require TLS;
  • How to accept or reject mail based on criteria like recipient, source, sender and domain;
  • How to tag mail;
  • How to install and configure Spam Assassin;
  • How to install and configure ClamAV;
  • How to configure smtpd to work with Spam Assassin, ClamAV and Local-Mail-Transfer-Protocol (LMTP) services (in series or individually);
  • How to configure smtpd to deliver mail to Dovecot;
  • Know how to troubleshoot smtpd issues using smtpd's syntax checker, logs and by sending mail manually via telnet.

We'll also look at integration of OpenSMTPD with other spam-fighting services:

  • Simple pf configuration for spamd;
  • Adding blacklist sources to spamd.conf;
  • Updating spamd with OpenBGPD.

If there's time we'll also cover:

  • Configuring smtpd as a store-and-forward mail server;
  • Configuring smtpd as a backup mail server;
  • Using other features of smtpd to fold, spindle and mutilate unwanted mail.

Though they will be mentioned, DomainKeys and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) configuration will not be discussed in detail.

The instructor will conduct the tutorial on OpenBSD and will attempt to help students who want to use another BSD platform supported by OpenSMTPD.

The session is aimed primarily at single or low-mail-server-count environments but is open to anyone who wants to learn more about running OpenSMTPD for production mail services.

The BoF Sessions

I don't have any details about BoF scheduling. I'll announce them as I get them.



Haskell and other functional-language developers and those curious about FP meet to discuss functional programming on BSD.

Full description

Come talk all things Hakell and FP!

Amateur Radio and SDR


Amateur radio users and those curious about radio and SDR meet and discuss hardware, software, triumphs and challenges with pursuing the hobby on BSD.

Full description

Come talk all things radio!


I'll bring several SDR and handheld radios and relate my (very much in progress) experience porting work to get all the best tools on OpenBSD. Who knows. I may even have pkgs to announce or will have already announced them.