Ported The SWORD Project to OpenBSD

Aaron Poffenberger

I just committed my second port. This time I ported a library called The SWORD Project. The project describes itself:

The SWORD Engine is a software framework that allows research manipulation of Biblical texts. There are a number of projects that use The SWORD Engine, including Bibletime, Xiphos, PocketSword and many others. Many of these projects already include The SWORD Engine in their distribution, so only download if you were instructed to do so, or are a software developer wishing to develop Bible software.

I'm going to start working on a port of Xiphos or one of the other Bible-study packages but since they all depend on Sword, it makes sense to get it done first.

Plus, The SWORD Project includes a command-line tool called diatheke for working with texts. I use it to pull scripture quotes from the command line or from within Emacs.

I've added it as misc/sword.

See the following instructions for installing from the repo.

After I've had some time to shake it out I'll post the package to ports@ for possible inclusion in the main repos.

How To

Follow the steps below:

cd /usr/port
  git clone git@github.com:akpoff/openbsd-wip.git openbsd-wip

  # edit /etc/mk.conf PORTSDIR_PATH
  # PORTSDIR_PATH=:$(PORTSDIR)/openbsd-wip
  cd /usr/ports/misc/sword
  make install

Final Notes

You'll need to manually install Bible texts and translations. Go to the Sword Modules page to get copies of the Bible in your favorite language. Download the "raw" copy and unzip them to ~/.sword/.

The command line tool diatheke doesn't have a man page. Just run diatheke with no parameters to see the command-line help text.