Port of UHD to OpenBSD

Aaron Poffenberger

I just committed my port of Ettus Research's USRP Hardware Driver (UHD) to my fork of openbsd-wip. It compiles but I don't have an Ettus software-defined radio to test with.

I've added it as comms/uhd.

If you have a USRP device handy and run OpenBSD, pull my copy of the repo, compile and try it.

After I've had some time to shake it out I'll post the package to ports@ for possible inclusion in the main repos.

How To

Follow the steps below:

cd /usr/port
  git clone git@github.com:akpoff/openbsd-wip.git openbsd-wip

  # edit /etc/mk.conf PORTSDIR_PATH
  # PORTSDIR_PATH=:$(PORTSDIR)/openbsd-wip
  cd /usr/ports/comms/uhd
  make install

There's some possibility that your USRP device won't be recognized when you plug it in. You may have to compile in support manually. I have the same issue with my HackRF. I'll post instructions once I more details.