kCalDAV Port Accepted

Aaron Poffenberger

Recently I came across Kristaps Dzonsons's kCalDAV project. Kristaps describes it: "kCalDAV is a simple, safe, and minimal CalDAV server depending only on kcgi(3), SQLite, and expat(3)."

kCalDAV is exactly what I've been looking for to move my calendar to my own server. OwnCloud and several other projects support caldav and carddav but I don't want a large php-based project just for calendaring and address book management.

Apple's offers services for both free with iCloud but I want those services under my control.

My first go was just to compile it. Kristaps writes really clean code. It just worked. That got me to thinking an OpenBSD port would be really handy and since I haven't completed a port all-the-way through to acceptance, a small project like this, I thought might be ideal. And it was. James@ and sthen@ helped me get it into shape. James then imported it into the tree under www/kcaldav.

Happy days!