poffenberger.org Top Result on Russian Search Engine

Aaron Poffenberger

As of Wednesday, August 25, 2010 at 2245 CDT (0345 GMT) poffenberger.org is the #1 result on Russian search site yandex and a top-download site for OpenBSD music on poiskm.ru.[1]

Aaron Poffenberger, editor, proprietor and chief writer had this to say: "I'm proud of what little work we've done to achieve this mostly irrelevant honor."

Kidding aside, I'm both bemused and perplexed by this. I've watched my site logs for months and had noticed yandex.ru crawling quite regularly. (Actually, annoyingly regularly.) While browsing the logs tonight I decided to see what the site was about and why they were crawling poffenberger.org so much. Now I know.

That poffenberger.org is the top search result isn't terribly surprising. There are only so many "poffenberger"-related websites out there. The music site is the one that baffles me. The OpenBSD site would seem to be the place to go to get OpenBSD music. I host the mp3s so they're available on blip.fm.[2] Perhaps the OpenBSD gang got tired of paying for Russian Humppa fans leaching OpenBSD release songs.

Whatever the reason, it's humorous and I'm content to enjoy the ride while it lasts.

Poffenberger.org on Yandex.ru



[1] View the html source to find that all or most of the links to music are to poffenberger.org.

[2] I could have pointed blip.fm to the official OpenBSD lyrics page but since I don't pay for that bandwidth it would have been terribly presumptuous to post them there.