Watch the Hornet's Nest

Aaron Poffenberger

Earlier I wrote about HBGary Federal and they're public pantsing by Anonymous. It just gets weirder. Anonymous were able to download all of HBGary Federal's emails because the CEO, Aaron Barr, used the same email and password to login to the system that was compromised as he was using to administer their Google Apps account. People began reading. What a treasure trove of information they found.

Turns out HBGary Federal developed plans to take down Wikileaks, and target "pro-wikileaks" journalists like Glenn Greenwald at They also found interesting insider information about sister company HBGary and their back-door software for government agencies.

I've suggested that readers check their systems. If you need further reason to do so, read this interesting interview with Anonymous by Ars Technica. Anonymous give a blow-by-blow account of how they took down a security firm.

And as only he can, Stephen Colbert has explained the HBGary Federal fiasco in funny, and largely accurate, terms: "To put this in hacker terms," Colbert said, "Anonymous is a hornet's nest, and Barr said, 'I'm going to stick my penis in that thing.'"