Please Remove Me from Your Address Book

Aaron Poffenberger

Fed up with receiving social-media invites and newsletters from someone I handed my card to, I sent the following email.

(I could have dealt with the social-media invites but the realty-related emails were becoming a nuisance.)

Hello <Person who added me to every service under the Sun>,

You and I met at a function (Open Coffee I believe) where I gave you my card. I've been receiving unsolicited email from you or services you've joined in the form of invitations and newsletters. I've received invitations to join LinkedIn, TokBox, Facebook, Evite and Most recently I received a newsletter from Lowes with your name attached.

Please remove me from your address book, Facebook and LinkedIn contacts and any other services you've uploaded your contacts to or added my email to. I'm not interested in receiving these invitations and newsletters nor in any further communication.

Thank you,


Before I had a chance to post this I received his reply:

Will do.

Though worded tersely, my polite request (at least on the surface) seems to have worked.

A little civility may yet work wonders.