What I Really Think about Confidentiality Agreements

Aaron Poffenberger

As a freelancer I'm frequently asked to sign contracts: work contracts, non-competition agreements and confidentiality agreements. Work contracts are a necessity. They outline what's expected, when it's due and terms of payment. Non-compete agreements are mostly worthless but usually expire within some reasonable time frame. The agreements I find most annoying govern confidentiality. Why? Because 1) they're mostly pointless because most ideas and discussions aren't that interesting, and 2) they precede doing any real business. I sign confidentiality agreements but here's what I really think about most of them.


Confidentiality Agreement


About the Video

I used xtranormal.com to make the video. It's a fun, free service. As their slogan goes: "If you can type, you can make movies." You can find the video at xtranormal and also at YouTube.